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A One-Page RTI School Planner

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Principals and their teams continuously address the following questions to design and maintain RTI-based systems of support


Tiers 1 & 2


What are the most essential academic & behavioral learning outcomes within units that teams commonly agree that students will master? What do we collaboratively agree it will look like & sound like when students master these most essential outcomes? 


How will we differentiate & scaffold teaching & learning so that all students can access essential learning outcomes & show us what they know, even students with significant deficits in foundational skills…even students with IEPs…even students learning English…even students from “disadvantaged” backgrounds? How will we extend, enrich, & deepen teaching & learning when students demonstrate mastery?


When will we provide intervention & enrichment during a dedicated buffer (Tier 2) time so that students don’t fall behind and so student learning is richer & deeper?


Tier 3


Which students are most at-risk…likely to have a significant deficit in the foundational skills of literacy, numeracy, & behavior? Why is a student significantly at-risk? What is the cause or most immediate area of need?


What support will most intensively & specifically target this area of need? What specific resources &/or programs will be used to meet a student’s specific needs?


When will the intensive (30 minute…Tier 3) support be provided? (What will students not do?) Which staff is available, & has received the professional development, to provide these supports?


How will we frequently monitor student response to this support & make necessary adjustments?




How will we successfully nurture behavioral skills, aligning the definitions, steps, & processes of Behavioral RTI to those of Academic RTI? How will we, like academic skills, prioritize, define, teach, model, reinforce, & re-teach (when necessary) behavioral skills? How will staffs assume collective responsibility for nurturing student behavior?


Systematic Leadership


When will our “Leadership Team” (or Student Study Team or Problem Solving Team) meet frequently (at least every 2 weeks) to analyze data, examine or re-examine student needs, ensuring students are adequately progressing, and make the adjustments necessary to guarantee that this occurs?

What evidence do we have that we’re not only DOING the things identified above, but that these things are WORKING to improve student outcomes?

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