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Mathematics instruction has been hampered by a “mile-wide/inch-deep” amount of content to “cover.” Chris’ support with planning and preparation will ensure that students:
      • Master critical mathematics content
      • Learn to think critically and problem solve
      • Deeply understand mathematics
      • Apply learning to unique contexts
      • Communicate and justify thinking

    • 21st Century Mathematics:  Strategies for Instruction & Intervention for K-8 Teachers


Literacy is the most critical of skills with which schools must equip students. A balanced approach to teaching and learning will meet all students needs while ensuring that students:
      • Read deeply, widely, for meaning, and for pleasure
      • Comprehend narrative and informational texts
      • Develop and apply thinking skills that promote literacies beyond proficiencies with text

    • Evidence-Based Reading Strategies & Programs


Consistent and positive schoolwide systems of behavioral support are as critical to student success as academic content knowledge. Schools that support the whole child:
      • Clearly define behavioral expectations for all stakeholders
      • Consistently model, teach, and reinforce behaviors
      • Explicitly teach the social and academic behaviors that equip student with the self-regulatory and executive functioning skills required for 21st century success
      • Gather timely evidence to provide targeted supports
      • Diagnose needs to intervene with targeted interventions when more intensive supports are required

    • Pyramid of Behavior Interventions: 7 Keys to a Positive Learning Environment

Curriculum Design

A well-designed course of study ensured that teachers and students have time to engage deeply with critical content. This process of scoping and sequencing learning outcomes involves:
      • Prioritizing critical standards
      • Unpacking and gaining deep knowledge of the rigor and format required for mastery
      • Unwrapping standards to ensure that mastery is authentically and accurately assessed
      • Mapping prioritized standards into a logical sequence that can be viably mastered, with time for intervention, enrichment, and assessment as learning

    • Prioritizing, Unpacking, Unwrapping, & Mapping Standards & Skills



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